Friday, March 13, 2009

Forgotten Fragment of a Future Foretold

Cole called me this evening; he has been working to prepare my old bedroom at Marchmont so that he and Christy can use it as Dexter's room. Mom and Dad had converted the room to a sort of office after I got married; in the mid-1970s, they had put up the then-ubiquitous dark panelling on the walls, covering the pale blue painted drywall. One of the things that Cole and Christy wanted to do was take down the panelling and brighten up that room; I liked the idea, of course, since I still envision the room with the bright walls of my childhood.

What led to the call, though, was what Cole found when he removed the panelling. On one small area of the wall, he discovered a little bit of graffiti from my past, and he was kind enough to send me a photo of it. The handwriting, crude as it is, is mine; I don't recall putting it there, but I recognize it. And of course, I'm CB; SH is Susan Hendrix (in case you didn't know, Hendrix is Susan's maiden name). I believe that the wall jotting dates back to late 1969, when Susan and I first began dating.

Thanks for the photo, Cole--it was a delightful bit of the past that had been totally lost in the corners of my mind...

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