Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Audacity of Hopelessness

The ineptitude continues; as of today, we're at 32% of the DJIA value lost since the day that Barack Obama was elected., and the pace of decline is escalating with every continuing day of ineptitude. Most amazingly, Obama and his minions make it clear that they don't care; they're making no effort to protect the millions of Americans whose retirements, whose 401Ks, whose investments are being destroyed by Democratic incompetence and greed. Bush was excoriated by the Democrats for the 16% drop that happened between the beginning of the Lehman Brothers collapse on 9/15 and the election day that was supposed to herald a new era of hope--and that hope has led us into a loss of twice as large a percentage of value since then, with nothing from Democrats but more destructive policies.

At this rate, it appears that Obama might be able to take us right back to the economic and social malaise of the Carter era in one year!

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