Saturday, January 03, 2009


Two days ago, the gas tax in Georgia dropped by 4 cents.

If you live in the state and didn't notice the change, there's a great reason: prices didn't drop at all. Rather than passing along that 4 cent tax decrease, every gas retailer in Georgia chose to keep 4 extra cents per gallon in profits.

I am not at all a proponent of higher taxes, but based on this, I hope that Georgia goes to the higher gas tax rate and fails to change it. It's absolutely despicable that the only entities that benefited from this change were the gas stations and oil companies; they had no problem jacking that price up by 4 cents when the tax increased in July, so now they've proven that their nothing more than petty thieves.

I also hope the governor and the legislature are noting this; perhaps it's time to implement stronger pricing regulations on gasoline in the state to prevent this sort of profiteering in the future.

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