Saturday, January 03, 2009

Compounded Laziness

Because of the holidays, Quebecor (our printer for Comic Shop News) required us to submit the files for CSN #1125 and CSN #1126 early. Normally, we don't upload the issue until Wednesday night, so I do most of my writing on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. For the weeks prior to Christmas and New Years, however, we had to turn in the issue on Monday, so I ended up finishing each issue by Sunday night.

Now you'd think that I'd be self-disciplined enough to use that extra three-day lead to pace myself on CSN #1127, doing a little more during the nine-day gap between issues, wouldn't you?

Of course, that's not the way it worked. I spent most of the time doing a little bit of work around the house--and whenever I sat down at the computer, I noodled around pointlessly, kept up with news 'n' rumors, read a few blogs, engaged in some forum discussions... all the things one might do instead of working.

So now it's Saturday and I'm back to the usual schedule... Ultimately, it's just as well, since I think most people in the industry took time off during the Christmas/New Years holidays, so finding news 'n' interview material would have been a bit more challenging anyway...

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