Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tooth is Beauty, and Beauty Tooth

It's hard to imagine I'd ever say this, but it's true--I really like my dentist.

Dr. Sturn is the first dentist I've truly trusted since the days when I relied on Dr. Cromartie for all my dental work. Dr. Cromartie retired more than a decade ago, and I've gone through numerous dentists, some of whom were only mediocre and some of whom were truly abominable.

I lucked into Dr. Sturn, and was surprised to discover that he was someone I knew through Dr. No's, where he had been a regular customer for a year before he became my dentist. He's a great guy--no trendy procedures du jour, no push for ultra-expensive treatments, just highly professional dental work. I like that; I never trust a dentist who tries to turn a routine cleaning and checkup into a push for $3000 of cosmetic dentistry.

I have bad teeth (a family trait I would gladly have done without, but nature offered me no choice), so having a dentist I trust is pretty important to me. Dr. Sturn fills the bill perfectly. So when he told me after my most recent checkup that I was having some problems with decay at the base of a couple of decades-old crowns that have loosened over time, I believe him. While I'm not looking forward to having to have all that work redone, I'm glad that Dr. Sturn is the man who's doing it.

(And he also has a spiffy-keen new office with televisions in every room, which is a great selling point for me!)

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