Monday, September 29, 2008

After Midnight

Got out a little after midnight tonight to make a circuit in search of gas, and it paid off right away: the QT at Scufflegrit and Sandy Plains (about four miles from my house) had just gotten in a delivery of regular gas. I was able to fill up the Genesis, come back home, switch it out for Susan's Murano, and fill it up as well--and all in about 30 minutes time! I called Brett and Buck to spread the good news (tried to call Ed, but got his machine), and I know that Brett was able to fill up both his car and his truck... although he noticed, as did I, that there were far fewer functioning pumps by the time he got back with the second vehicle than there were initially.

I borrowed the phrase "gas vampires" to refer to those of us who get out after most everyone else has gone to bed, hoping that we can find gas before everyone gets up to go to work the next day. I've found gas vampirism to be very rewarding, thank you very much...

One thing I've noticed during my late-night walks is how very quiet it is; traffic is greatly reduced, both in the neighborhood and on normally-busy Sandy Plains Road and Shallowford Road, both of which normally produce a constant, muted buzz of traffic noises all through the night. Not now, though--it's reminiscent of Christmas Eve night, when most everyone is where they want to be and no one is driving. Occasionally I hear the sound of a single car passing in one direction or the other, but that's it. It makes for a very peaceful night... although when I consider why it's so peacefully quiet, I'd gladly accept the noise just for a return to fuel normalcy.

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Lanny said...

Are "gas vampires" the same as "petrolratu"?