Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Brothers Not At All Grim

What a wonderful day for e-mail!

As one of those people with a very fond memory of my high school years, I'm a regular reader of the West Rome High School newsletter. Recently, the newsletter included a note from Martin Rollinson, who had become a friend of mine during my high school years because he was the brother of one of my best friends, Lon Rollinson. I had briefly corresponded with Lon a decade or so ago, but a computer failure had wiped out those records (yes, there was a time when I wasn't wise enough to back up my files), so we lost contact again.

I immediately sent Martin an e-mail to find out how life had been treating him, and got an almost immediate reply. We caught up a little bit on old times, and it was apparent that Martin has done every bit as well as I knew he would.

The Rollinsons were an amazing family. I knew Lon well, Martin relatively well (he was only a year behind us), and Matt to a lesser degree. Selby and Jim I knew only peripherally because they were part of Lon's family. But anyone who knew Lon, Martin, or Matt knew that these were men destined to do well for themselves, and they have.

It's always good to reconnect with old friends... and it's even better to learn that they they have found the success and happiness that they so richly deserved.

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