Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Okay, the announcements are made, and I'm just sort of ehhh... about the whole thing. Maybe I expect too much. Here's the rundown on my earlier-posted rumors and the veracity thereof:

•MacBook Air: it's there, but no induction charging at all, just a standard magsafe adapter
•Mac OSX 10.5.2: not specifically announced, but it sounds like they may roll it out with the new base stations
•New AppleTV: announced, but no optical drive, no announcements of more storage space, no tuner
•New iPhone with faster 3G network accessibility - no such luck, as iPhone users are still saddled with 21st century accessibility in a 21st century machine
•Updated MacBook Pro - nope
•DRM-free iTunes - not announced
•Movie rentals through iTunes - yep... ho hum...

Now, what wasn't rumored:
•New Airport Extremes with built-in hard drives--500gb for $299, 1TB for $499. That sounds very good, and it may lead me to upgrade one of my units.

No major surprises, a couple of minor letdowns. I had higher hopes...

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