Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Air-ly Warning

This is one of those days when I find my attention split. Normally, I focus all my Tuesday energy on processing new books at the store. However, today's also the day that Apple makes its big MacExpo announcements, and I have hopes that Apple will dazzle with some major product announcements. Last summer's Macworld announcements were relatively minor and failed to live up to the hype; however, Apple already announced a new MacPro last week, which leads me to suspect that they have so many big things to announce today that they needed to "clear the deck" a little bit by making their least important announcement ahead of time--the equivalent of letting a child open a small Christmas present a day early.

So what's coming? Here's what the rumor mills suspect:
•MacBook Air (or some derivative thereof): a wireless sub-notebook (and by wireless, some suspect that it may even use no-wires induction charging)
•Mac OSX 10.5.2 (desperately needed, since 10.5.1 is largely nonfunctional)
•New AppleTV with optical drive and expanded storage (and possibly a tuner)
•New iPhone with faster 3G network accessibility
•Updated MacBook Pro
•DRM-free iTunes
•Movie rentals through iTunes

Will all of these happen? Almost certainly not--but I'll be splitting my attention between funny-book processing and checking for computer updates this afternoon, since I'm certain that some of them will happen, and I can't wait to find out which ones.

(And a big razzberry to MacOSRumors.com, a site I used to frequent when it actually posted timely rumors; now they wait until things are announced and then post the backdated news as if they actually broke the story ahead of time.)

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