Monday, April 30, 2007

Time After Time

NBC did it again. Tonight, Heroes ran 2 or 3 minutes overtime... but of course, the network didn't bother to schedule that ahead of time so that various DVR devices could record the entire show.

I certainly wish that someone would replace the boneheads at NBC with programmers who actually want to make viewers happy. Susan and I were watching at the time, so we were able to catch the last minute or two... but I know a lot of folks are going to be very unhappy when they sit down to watch Heroes and discover that they didn't get the climax.

I really don't get it. NBC is tanking in the ratings--even their "Must See TV" on Thursday nights has lost so many viewers that some are describing it as "Must Flee TV"--but they go out of their way to alienate the viewers they have and give them a convenient "jumping off point" to abandon NBC shows. (I know two people who decided, after missing the climactic moments of an overly long and erroneously scheduled Scrubs a few weeks ago, that they could live without seeing any more Scrubs at all... and that show is bleeding viewers so badly that they don't need to lose anyone else.)

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