Sunday, April 01, 2007

Apple Meets Apple?

There are rumors that Steve Jobs will announce tomorrow that the Beatles songs will be available for download on iTunes. I'm left to wonder why anyone cares at this point; is there anyone out there who wants these songs who hasn't bought the CD's and ripped 'em to mp3 themselves if they want to put 'em on an iPod or any other (inferior) mp3 player?

The only announcement I'm hoping for is that the entire Beatles catalog will be remastered in 5.1 sound for DVD-Audio release. I'll prepay for all of 'em that day if they make such an announcement. But mp3's don't support 5.1 sound, so that wouldn't involve an iPod or any online presence.

I'm glad to know that the songs will be available for the few who don't have 'em already, but I can't see mega-bucks being generated from this deal...

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