Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Worst President Becomes The Worst Ex-President

Jimmy Carter was undoubtedly the worst President this country has known during the years that I have been alive. That shouldn't be a surprise, since he was the worst governor the State of Georgia had prior to becoming the worst President; had the media fairly reported Carter's incessant ineptitude as governor, he would have never become President.

In more recent years, Carter has become an unflagging enemy of our nation, excoriating it and undermining its actions again and again while embracing tin-horn dictators and third-world despots. In his recent book, he takes the side of the hate-filled Palestinian terror regime against Israel, implying that the country is guilty of apartheid.

Finally, someone who was there has pulled the notes of all those mid-East peace negotiation meetings and has revealed the truth: Carter has had to lie and dissemble in order to support his assertions. Read the detailed rebuttal by someone who was in Carter's inner circle here; it's a pretty eye-opening piece.

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