Sunday, January 28, 2007

Viral Marketing

Okay, this will actually be pretty bad as far as marketing is concerned--but as far as the "viral" is concerned, I seem to have that one cornered!

Yesterday morning, I was feeling fine; went up to Rome to see Dad and Kim, had a pleasant time visiting, and all was hunky-dory. When I got home, I still felt good, but I knew something was wrong when I got very tired halfway through my afternoon walk. I never get tired walking--it's almost second nature for me. This time, though, I was so weary I actually remember thinking, "maybe I'll sit down somewhere before I finish the last part of the walk."

When I got home, I finished my workout with light weights and floor exercises, but I was so weary during my situps that I nearly dozed off halfway through.

Three hours later, I began running a fever of 103°-104°. I ached, particularly in my long muscles. My eyeballs felt swollen; my head hurt intensely, probably due to the fever. No respiratory problems, no coughs, no stomach problems other than a total absence of appetite.

By bedtime, I felt as lousy as I've felt at any time in the past five years. I slept fitfully because I was so hot; I felt sore just from laying on the bed.

Sunday morning, I was the first patient at WellStar UrgentCare, about a mile and a half from our house (they're on my Kaiser plan--it costs $10 more, but it gets me seen right then and it saves me a drive of at least six miles); they thought at first that I had the flu, but two different flu tests came back negative. The doctor said it wasn't bacterial; in his words, it had to be viral. He gave me a prescription for Naproxyn for the aches and pains, and I went home to exist in a lethargic stupor for a few more hours.

Tonight, I feel like I'm coming out of the slump. I'm not as tired, I'm less sore, and the headache is gone.My stomach seems a little upset, but that might be related to the fact that I've only had one piece of toast and one small bowl of chicken noodle soup since yesterday.

I certainly hope that I'm nearing the end of my bout wth Mr. Mystery Virus. I had taken for granted the ability to get up and exercise or do other things whenever I got the urge; a day and half too enervated to do anything has left me very appreciative of my usual good health.

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