Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Merry Mid-Yule Solstice!

Today marks the midway point between last Christmas and the next Christmas; we have reached that point of maximum distance from Christmases. Think back to last Christmas, and all the things that you wish you had done but just didn't have the time; you now have as much time to accomplish those holiday goals as you have had to regret your inability to do so last year!

For a long time now, I've used comparative chronology to measure time. That is, I often look at upcoming events and calculate how far into the past an equal measure of time would take me. When June weather seems hot, I think back three months to the coolness of March, which doesn't seem far away at all. Then I realize that three months from now it'll be late September, and that those three months will pass just as quickly as the past three  months have.  Suddenly, the summer mugginess seems much more ephemeral.

Since Christmas is one of the biggest annual landmarks for me, I tend to use it as a chronological touchstone.  This year, I've actually taken it to heart. Thinking back on some of the things I wish I had done better leading into the Christmas season, I have begun to plan ahead this year.

In the meantime, I'll listen to a few Christmas songs in the car today to mark the occasion.

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James A. Moore said...

Sounds like a solid philosophy to me.