Saturday, June 02, 2012

Poli-ticked Off

I've come to the conclusion that there are few blog and/or social networkssubjects more polarizing than politics.

There are people I've know for years whose blogs I no longer read because of their intolerant political postings. There are friends whose Facebook and/or Twitter feeds I no longer follow for the same reasons.

There is something about the internet that seems to encourage the most extreme means of expression. It doesn't suffice to present one's political viewpoint; one most condemn and excoriate the opposition, dismiss them as sub-human, accuse them of unethical and even criminal action, berate them...

I'm tired of playing that game. I used to post political points of view here, but I see no reason to do so further. If I find myself unsubscribing from the blogs of longtime friends because I grow weary of their political posts posts, then I suspect they probably would feel the same about my posts.

Life is too short. I'm not looking to make more enemies. I'll discuss politics in person with friends and acquaintances because in-person conversations tend to be more tolerant, less offensive, and far less condemnatory in their tone. But no more discussion in print; I'll make my opinions known at the ballot box instead.

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