Friday, June 26, 2009

Thieves in the Night

It looks like the Obama Administration is once again going to try to force a 1000+ page bill through in a blitzkrieg vote without representatives and senators having read it. In this case, it's the move to socialized health care, an execrable idea that will force some of the best out of medicine entirely. As one good friend and great doctor told me, "I'd rather walk away from medicine entirely than to render inadequate care based on a government bureaucracy."

As to how good the plan is--well, bear in mind that the man responsible for trying to force this on us said that he would not use this system for his own family. When asked if he would want this plan for his family, Obama pointedly refused to say yes; instead, he said, "I always want them to get the very best care." What that should tell you, of course, is that we will have a two-tier system--the substandard care for everyone else and the first-class care for the President, congressmen, senators, celebrities, and cronies.

And if ain't good enough for them, it shouldn't be good enough for any of us...

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