Monday, June 01, 2009

Childhood's End

Over on Facebook, I asked this question: "Does everyone believe that his childhood must have been the best of all possible times to be a kid?"

I was a little sad to see that some said no.

Obviously, some times have to be better than others... but it sure would be great if everyone thought that there could have been no better time to be a kid than the time that he or she was young.

My childhood had its problems and turmoil, but I cherish those years (as if obvious by my "Life in Four Colors" posts--which I'll return to soon, I promise!). And as many things as today's kids have going for them (wondrous technology, more in the way of entertainment and recreation than any generation in history), I'd not want to change places with them.

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Jessica said...

I would definitely say yes to that question. I think so much of what made my childhood wonderful was the time in which I was a kid. Adam and I have had many conversations about just how different our child's life will be from ours growing up. I just hope for a kid who can find as much joy in the simple things as I did as a child, and not throw temper tantrums for all of those new wondrous ways of technology!