Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Total Re-Call

Metro PCS gave me a surprise phone call this morning. They were concerned about my blog report, and wanted to try to make things right. I really hadn't expected to hear from them, so this was totally out of the blue. They offered two free months of service to evaluate and decide if I would like to continue my service with them. The rep was quite apologetic and a bit baffled; he couldn't figure out what went wrong since my credit card info for automatic billing was still in the system, just as it has been for years.

I'm taking advantage of the two free months to evaluate whether we really need a store mobile phone. I've told everyone (except Julie, who's out of town right now) that we'll pick a week in the near future and just put the phone away so that we can see how well things run without a mobile phone. Then, when July gets here, we can make an informed decision.

Either way, MetroPCS gets some respect for actually following through--and for giving me a direct-call local phone number for customer service!

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BLTicklemonster said...

Speaking of recalling things...

I remember in '76, one of my favorite teachers said, "Schroeder, you have to see these", and proceeded to show me photos of a new movie that was to come out in the spring of the next year. The pictures blew me away. That was my introduction to Star Wars.

I've always wondered what ever became of Mr. Biggers from East Rome...