Friday, May 08, 2009

Metro PCS = Pretty Crappy Service

Today MetroPCS turned off the store PCS phone service we have had through them for eight years.

This struck me as odd, since (a) they have a credit card number on file, (b) the credit card company said no attempt was made to bill our account on May 2nd, the normal day of the month for our Metro PCS charge to go through, and (c) we heard nothing about this from Metro PCS.

I tried to contact them and after 45 minutes began to understand why they are the worst-rated mobile provider in the metro Atlanta area. When they work, they work--but when things go wrong, they make no effort to remedy the problem.

Turned out that Metro PCS switched internal systems, and in doing so managed to delete the credit card info for a few thousand customers. Rather than contacting those customers, they chose to deactivate their service, figuring the customers would contact them when their phones quit working.

I insisted on speaking to a supervisor--but knowing that they'd probably manage to "accidentally" disconnect me, I made the rep take my home phone number and said, "If you disconnect me and I don't get a call back from a supervisor, I will leave this account cancelled. We don't have to have your phone service, so you're going to have to prove you're worth it."

Just as I suspected, the rep disconnected me when he said he was transferring me. The supervisor never called back. And I no longer will be giving MetroPCS almost $50 a month.

The funny thing? There's no way to contact executive customer support for Metro PCS. There's no email address. No phone number other than the one that took 45 minutes and 11 attempts to connect me.

This is a company that wants its customers to go away.

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