Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not Too Stimulating

So far, Barack Obama's election continues to have the same effect on the economy, day after day.

Dow Jones average for 11/4/08 (before election results were posted): 9625
DJIA for 11/5/08 (day after Obama's win was confirmed): 9139, -486 (- 5+%)
DJIA for 1/20/09 (inauguration): 7949, -1676 from 11/4 (-18%)
DJIA for 2/17/09, the day "economic stimulus" package signed: 7552, -2073 from 11/4 (-22%)

Well, that's one way to close the gap between rich and poor... make everyone poor!

(By the way, the DJIA for 9/12, just prior to the financial devastation that began with the 9/15 collapse of Lehman Brothers that sent dominos tumbling, was 11421. The DJIA dropped 1796 points, or 16%, between that time and the end of President Bush's administration... a percentage that Barack Obama's administration surpassed on the day it was inaugurated, and has continued to force downwards since then!)

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