Thursday, October 09, 2008

So long, AJC

I've decided to let my subscription to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution lapse when it comes up for renewal in January.

It's not primarily a political thing. It's a content thing. Believe it or not, the comic strips are an important factor in my decision to subscribe, and they won't be carrying two of my favorite strips when the renewal comes up. They've already dropped For Better or For Worse, even though Lynn Johnston is still producing revised versions of the original strips (most of which I've never read). And Opus is going away in early November as Berke Breathed ends the strip.

The other thing for which I buy the paper? Coupons--but the AJC now distributes those coupons for free in a weekly distributed only to non-subscribers. So why bother spending money for 'em when they'll show up in my driveway if I don't?

News? Forget it. Like it or not, the newspaper is no longer a source of current news--it's a source of recent history instead. And they make all of their news content available online anyway, where you can read it when it is news.

So long, AJC.

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