Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Audacity of Treason

The Washington Times has reported here that Barack Obama tried to prevent the completion of an agreement to keep American troops in Iraq--in effect working against the interests of his own nation and against the proper negotiations of our nation's elected commander in chief. And the source on this information isn't one of those anonymous third-party sources, but the Iraqi government itself.

Obama demonstrated his willingness to sacrifice the truth in order to win the presidency. Now he's proven that'll sacrifice the safety of our troops and the interests of our nation as well.

Maybe, if Obama wins, he can appoint William Ayers to handle our negotiations with the Iraqis on his behalf; who better understands the threat of murderous bombers, after all, than those who have embraced the concept for decades?


Lanny said...

I have a sinking feeling that the American people are about to take delivery on a bill of goods which they neither truly understand nor which they can begin to pay for.

I feel like I'm in a bad dream lately. Undefined change at any cost seems to be preference of too many people. What will grow from the seed of the cast ballots of the voter majority?

I fear to know.

Art said...

Willaim Ayers has four Master's degrees in elementary education. He is a professor of elementary education at the University of Illinois-Chicago, so I guess Al Queda must be running the school.

His link with Obama is the Annenberg Challenge, a educational matching grant that gave millions from the Annenberg Foundation to Chicago public school reform. Ayers was on a panel with Obama that wrote the request for a grant. Bill Ayers was given the "Citizen of the Year" award by the city of Chicago for his part in writing the grant. Chicago, as we all know, is on par with Iran as a safe haven for Al Queda.

He also worked on public education policy with Chicago mayor Richard Daley, who is also known as Osama bin Laden's #3 man according to Fox News (or am I remembering wrong?).

Bill Ayers may be a kook, but if you're working in public education policy in Illinois it sounds like he's a figure you can't avoid. School kids in Chicago may feel that something good came out of the relationship.

Oops -- he also gave $200 to Obama for his re-election campaign in the state senate. I'm sure that was used to buy explosives.

cliff said...

Ayers was part of a group that put together the Chicago Annenberg Challenge board that in turn hired Obama; records show that Ayers and Obama worked together in that group. The CAC was used as a tool to fund money into the voter-fraud group ACORN,which is currently engaged in national efforts to steal an election through thousands upon thousands of false registrations.

Obama also served on the Wood's Fund with Ayers, and continued to be involved with him for years after an interview was published in which Ayers discussed his backgrond and his goal to teach "America's history of evil and racism, thereby forcing social transformation." So there we have another America-hater (it's amazing how almost all of Obama's philosophical and intellectual associates fall into that group, isn't it?) working in conjunction with Obama.

Ayers' wife, also a terrorist who wasn on FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted List, has also served on panels with Obama.

Obama advisor David Axelrod admits that there was a relationship between Obama and Ayers that was more than "just a guy who lived in my neighborhood."

Ayers was involved enough with Obama to host at his own home a meeting that helped to launch Obama's political career.

And I'm sure that Ayers would be quite pleased to see Obama negotiating ex parte against American interests in Iraq in order to further his own political goals. Both of them have no qualms about ending American lives if it promotes their political goals.