Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pleasant Surprise

This afternoon, I had a visit from Anju, the woman I assisted after purse was snatched in the Target parking lot. She had remembered the name of the store, so she tracked us down through a Google search and came by to say thanks. I was not expecting this visit; she had a difficult and intrusive experience to deal with, and I know she's still dealing with that (our house was burglarized once, and it takes you a while to get over the general sense of apprehension after a crime of this sort).

It was good to see her again, and to learn that she was doing better than could be expected. What I really didn't anticipate was a gift: she wanted to give me something as a way of saying thanks. I was deeply touched by her thoughtfulness; she had picked up some chocolates, some biscotti, and other gifts (she knows my weaknesses, apparently).

What I didn't notice until she left was that there was also a card in there (it had slid underneath the bottom box, or else I would have opened it while she was there (often the card is more important than anything else because it is the most personal gift of all. When I found it, I opened it and learned that not only had she written a very touching message inside, but she had included a gift card. Had I opened it at the time, I would have insisted that she take it back and use it for herself to help to compensate for the cash that was stolen.

There aren't too many people who would go to the trouble of finding me on the 'net and delivering an unexpected gift like this. I hope that many good things come her way to compensate for the unpleasantness she has experienced.

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