Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Didja Miss Me?

Yeah, I've been gone for almost a week now. Well, not gone in the physical sense, but gone from this site. Lotsa reasons why, none of them particularly important.

So what's happened since last we chatted? Well, I picked up an iPhone.

Yeah, I know what I said.

So let's look at the points that I cited when I initially passed on this phone back in June of last year.

First the software issue: since the time I wrote, Apple has created an easy way for users to make their own ringtones; they've improved several software features; and they seem to be making progress on some of the things that should be here, like voice-activated dialing (I'm surprised this one is so late) and text editing.

Then there's the space. They just released a 16gb model, and it sells for less than the 8gb sold for when I wrote my initial commentary on the iPhone back on June 26th.

The plan? Well, ATT offered me a Unity plan, which allows me free unlimited calls to any ATT line, whether mobile or landline, and that covers about 70% of my phone calls. Even better, with this plan, I get unlimited data (except for 200 text messages--while I don't use text messaging, it should be included as a data transfer) and a second shared line for Susan, and I save $60 a month over what I was paying Sprint.

The glass face still worries me, but so far the breakage rate seems to be remarkably low.

And the distribution system has gotten better--I signed up for a plan, got a phone, ported my number, and paid for everything in less than a half an hour.

So count me as one who has succumbed to the iPhone temptation...

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Doug said...

Congrats on the iPhone! Is yours 3G compatible? The 3G network has resulted in regularly dropped calls for me and just about everyone I know on AT&T. It's nice when using wireless web, but the calls should be priority.