Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Tisha continues to have problems; the past two days seem to have brought a regression in her condition. Over the weekend, Tisha showed noticeable improvements; while she wasn't back to normal, she had more moments of normalcy. She was able to use the litterbox fairly regularly, she ate more, and she seemed more comfortable.

Yesterday, she ate significantly less; she ate at every meal, but she only ate a few bites before walking away. Today was more of the same. And she's no longer using the litterbox regularly; she has failed to make it to the box a couple of times today, and has soiled herself again once, necessitating a cleanup that she hates.

I talked with Dr. Lane, who confirmed that Tisha's vision is somewhat compromised. Since she's been pretty much deaf for a couple of years now, she feels more isolated from her environment and as a result seems more anxious and less happy. She spends most of her time in one little corner of the basement, where she feels surrounded and more protected. The only time I ever hear her purr any more is when I tuck her up against my leg as I sit on the floor and comb her. Tisha has always loved being combed, and will rest her head in my hand as I comb her chin and stroke the sides of her face.

We're still continuing with her medications, but I am more fearful that she may be in her final days. If she can't return to a normal, comfortable life, then we're keeping her here only for us--and I promised myself that we would never keep a beloved animal in discomfort just because we're not strong enough to let her go.

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