Monday, August 27, 2007

Birthday Surprise

For some reason, people maintain that I'm hard to shop for. I have no idea why they say that, since I have no trouble finding things to buy for myself. Nevertheless, it's rare when someone comes up with something that I want that I've never even heard of until I receive it as a gift... but that's what Susan came up with.

Pictured here is Frey's Dark Chocolate with Chilli Pepper (no, I didn't misspell it... "chilli" is the manufacturer's spelling, so that's what I'm going with here). The best way to describe it is a richly flavored chocolate redolent with the intensity of a 70% cocoa base, to which have been added crisply piquant bits of dried chilli peppers that add an almost toffee-bit crunch to the candy. The chillis are fresh enough that opening the wrapper conveys the bouquet of chillis along with the headiness of dark chocolate.

I admit to being slightly dubious when I first saw it, but curiosity outweighed caution as I unwrapped it and broke off a square. The combination, it turns out, is inspired; I think those Mayans were on to something!

Susan tells me that she found it at Target--and she advises that, if you're interested, you act quickly. No, they're not selling out--in fact, they're not selling any at all! The bar she bought was the only bar taken from an otherwise full box, so the odds are it'll go on close-out very soon...

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Christopher Appel said...

Well, you piqued my curiosity. A trip to Target today earned me the candy--which I'll share with the family tonight and review on Wed. I got the last bar, however, and only the chilli flavor was close to being sold out. Either this is more popular that you imagine or your blog has inspired more than just me to rush out for chilli flavored chocolate.

Once again, you powers astound me...