Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back Home

Today, at approximately 4:35, Dad passed on.

I will write more later on tonight, but I wanted my friends and family to know that Dad's struggle was over and he is now at peace, reunited with the woman he loved, with his parents, and with so many others who were dear to him.


Lanny said...

Free at last.

I'm here if you ever want another ear.

Anonymous said...

lot of rejoicing in heaven tonight.
wish i had of spent more time with my brother. he was 22 years older than me and you, cliff, were born before me. we get so tangled up in our own lives, and dont see the regrets until its too late. but i did and do love don. love aunt donna

Christopher Appel said...

MarKay and I are so sorry for your loss. As I've followed the events of the last two weeks in your blog, I've been saddened by the pain and confusion your family has had to experience as a result of your father's illness. It touched my parental instincts, because I know your father had wanted to spare his family that distress. I'm glad that he now has the rest that he sought--and grateful that you can now all put the uncertainty of recent days behind you, mourn, and celebrate his life with his loved ones as he deserves.

You are in our thoughts,
Chris and MarKay