Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer Breeze

This evening, when I came home from dinner, there was a light, pleasantly cool breeze that made the night's 78 degrees feel even cooler. As I thought back, I realized that we've had a number of pleasant summer evenings this year... more than I can recall in my seven summers of walking outdoors after dark.

I don't like heat and high humidity, but summer will always hold a special appeal... probably because of the childhood association of summertime and freedom from school and other responsibilities. The first year or two after I began spending more time outdoors, I remember feeling uncomfortable even on summer nights. Now, though, I feel like I can appreciate them in the same way that I did when I was a child. There's a richness to the summer night that gives it a character of its own; it seems heavy with life and yet relaxed and sedate at the same time.

I think summer nights and I have begun to adjust to one another quite well; perhaps we enjoy each other's company.

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