Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Other Comic Book Guy

Over at the Simpsons Movie website, they have an avatar creator. The site was wonky, at least for Mac users; I tried on two different computers and never could complete the registration process in Safari, so I wasn't able to actually save my avatar. Instead, I was able to create it and then grab a screen shot of it.

I'm never very good at this whole avatar-designing thing; the finished avatar they offered doesn't look much like me, I don't think. I'm much more impressed with the second image, which is a Simpsonized version of me drawn by a production artist a few years ago. I know which one I would recognize as me if I saw it on an episode of the Simpsons...

Even so, it's sort of fun to play around with for a few minutes; if you're bored and want to cast yourself as an extra in the Simpsons film (or create an avatar to use for whatever...), it's a nice way to while away the time.

Still have no interest in seeing the film, though... Of course, I also lost interest in the Simpsons this season when Matt Groening and crew began inserting biased political points of view into the show... and now that I've broken the Simpson habit, I have little interest in playing catch-up.


Janice said...

You're the second person I know to mention having difficulty registering but I didn't register at all: I just clicked "Create Your Simpsons Avatar" and then clicked "New Character" in the next screen. At the end, I was able to save the avatar just fine by clicking the download icon at the bottom of the screen.

cliff said...

I tried the download icon, which took me straight to the registration screen in both Safari and Firefox. When I completed that screen, however, the "SUBMIT" button was non-functional in both browsers and repeated attempts to save the file just took me back in the same loop.