Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Read Glister, Or Be Sorry You Missed Her!

Advance notice: while this book won't be out for almost two more months, it should be considered a must-read for anyone who enjoys well-crafted all-ages fiction. Andi Watson's Glister is the story of a young girl who is a sort of magnet for weirdness; in her first book-length tale, she plays host (and secretary, of sorts) to a long-dead author who'd like to dictate his unpublished masterpiece to someone... and little Glister is the transcriptionist of choice.

Watson is a remarkable storyteller whose simple, fluid artwork has always appealed to me. And it appears that Glister is the sort of inspired storytelling that may help to put him on the map as far as the mass market is concerned; I can see these charming tales achieving wide mass market success.

If you'd enjoy a bit of Little Lulu blended with a dash of Wednesday Addams, then Glister is a book you'll want. Look for it in early August.

(I had a chance to exchange e-mails with Watson about this book for a piece I'm doing for Comic Shop News #1044, and I have to say that I'm more enthused than ever about this series. Every creator seems to have his "signature piece" that defines his career, and I think that Glister could very well be just that as far as Watson is concerned.)

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