Sunday, November 26, 2006

Making a List, Checking It Twice...

Every year, Dad and Kim ask me to give them a Christmas list so that they'll know what to get that I don't already have. For some reason, there's a misconception among my family and friends that I instantly buy everything could possibly want, leaving nothing for gifts. That's wrong, of course; I'm actually quite easy to shop for and I'm sure that there are things don't have that I'd like to receive as gifts.

To give in to my family's quirks, I'm actually listing some things that I would certainly enjoy seeing under the Christmas tree--although I'm always open to surprises!

Those of you who aren't a part of my family, feel free to skip the rest of the post--move along now, nothing to see here...
•Meat Loaf's new album - Bat Out of Hell 3 (CD)
•Dark Chocolate - I like rich dark chocolates, although when the cocoa content goes about 70%, it begins to border on excessively bitter even for me
•All-cotton knit shirts - pullover long-sleeve size M in dark earth tones (browns, golds, rusts, dark greens, tans); round neck or v neck - as the folks who work with me know, I rarely wear button-up shirts and never have enough pull-over shirts
Sting - Songs from the Labyrinth CD
•Saturday Night Live: The Complete First Season DVD Set (scheduled for release on DVD 12/5/2006)
24 - Season Five (scheduled for release on DVD 12/5/2006)
•Lindsey Buckingham - Under the Skin (CD)
Seinfeld Season 7 DVD Set
•Mixed nuts--I prefer 'em without peanuts, and am particularly partial to pecans, cashews, and almonds, but have little appreciation for Brazil nuts
Boston Legal Season 2 DVD Set
•Lighter-weight leather gloves - medium (I have some heavy, thick leather gloves wth a lot of insulation, but I could use some a little thinner when it's not super-cold, and leather is better for driving because it doesn't slide across a leather steering wheel the way knit gloves do)
•A rechargable cordless screwdriver (because Brett mocked my little bitty cordless screwdriver... and alas, it has so little power it's defeated by too many screws already)
How I Met Your Mother Season 1 DVD Set
•A 2007 Acura MDX with sport+technology package, grey exterior, black interior, with running boards and musiclink connector (just seeing if you were still reading)

And then there are those things I'd like to have, but they're almost impossible to find and I don't know where to begin looking--things that are on that list we all have of "dream items" that will remain dreams only, such as
•The first six issues of Witzend, which I had once but lost years ago when I loaned them to someone who never returned them, alas
•A Man from UNCLE gun set - pistol, rifle extension sight, shoulder stock, shoulder holster, etc. - I had one when I was a child, but it disappeared at some point in my teenage years
•Aurora Monster Models - why did they ever stop making these things?
•A copy of the Joe Sinnott illustrated biography of the Beatles published back in the mid-1960s; my copy is literally worn out from hundreds of childhood readings

And people say I'm tough to shop for!...

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