Friday, April 07, 2006

Takin' Care of Business

Brett's back at the store as of this week, and things are going quite well, I think. Brett said he felt a little out of touch with the POS software, but he reacquainted himself with it pretty quickly. Most importantly, he seems to be enjoying what he's doing, and he's already tackling some of the jobs at the store that had slipped through the cracks when it was up to Buck and me--things like making more signs, working more directly with the staff organizing the backstock books, etc.

Customer reaction has been very positive, as I knew it would be. One customer set us up so well it could have been a spit-take moment if he had only had a beverage in hand: he was remarking about something-or-another have sold out and left a hole on the back wall, and said "Too bad Brett isn't here; he'd take care of it." Then, at that moment, Brett walked out of the back room (he hadn't heard the customer, so he had no idea he had been set up so well), saw the hole, and moved a book into place. The customer was absolutely dumbstruck.

We have big plans for the next few months, but it'll take us a little while to get there. I think it's going to be fun, though--and with Buck handling the manager duties, Brett is free to focus on the bigger picture, which is good for all.

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