Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Look up the Numbers

I never expected to enjoy Numbers, but the show has grown on me in the past few months. If you've missed the premise of this one, the series focuses on an FBI agent and his brother, a math genius who is a professor... and of course, a consultant to his brother. In each episode, he use mathematical principles to lead to a solution.

Just as CSI will stretch forensic science to make its dramatic point, Numbers sometimes stretches mathematics for dramatic effect. However, even the most far-fetched episodes have enough mathematical foundation to make them effective and fascinating.

The cast is quirky but effective; for the most part, they avoid the "math-nerd" stereotype, as well as the "genius-with-no-common-sense" cliche. If you're looking for an entertaining crime drama with a different angle and less gore than the new norm, Numbers is worth a look.

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