Friday, March 10, 2017

The Stars and I

The stars and I are old friends
Since we met in Albuquerque on a cloudless night
They say we met earlier, in Tampa and in Holyoke
but I must have been preoccupied

Their charm was irrepressible
With their fiery twinkle in the summer dark
And their cold crystal glow on a wintry night

We became acquainted over the years
Through long walks and late-night confessionals
The stars listened without judgment
And never dimmed in disappointment

They were always there
Even when I couldn’t see them
Through the clouds and the tears

I’m not the same as I was in Albuquerque
Sixty years measure a man
And sometimes find him wanting
But to the stars I stand the same

My whole life
less than one beat
of a star’s fiery heart

Some midnights I implore the stars
Why can’t what was
Be what is again
Why must all brightness fade

And the stars ask
What has changed
We are still here, you and us

One night I won’t be
Will the stars remember?

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