Friday, September 20, 2013

IOS 7: Not a Lucky Number...

I've set up IOS 7 on one of my devices, and I've used it for a few days.

I find myself going back to the IOS 6 phone every chance I get.

No time now for a detailed list of a problems, but here are a few irritations:

(1) Jony Ive apparently doesn't know what color red is. Everything that used to red is now an orangy-tomato color, and it all looks sun-faded. 

(2) Ive also favors appearance over function. He loves super-fine-line sans serif fonts even though they're more difficult to read on a small screen. Open the stock app, for instance, and find a stock that has increased in value; it appears in a green box. Until now, that was a rich vibrant green, which allowed the solid, readable reversed type to show up clearly. Now it's a pale, anemic green with a super-fine reversed font, and its almost impossible to read. 

(3) Ive hates left-handed people. In the past, if I wanted to select an email to delete it, I could swipe my left thumb from left to right, bringing up the delete button, while righties could swipe their thumbs right to left for the same effect. Now, though, only the right-to-left swipe works, so lefties now have to swipe like righties in order for it to work. 

(4) They built a super-high-quality screen, then Ive and his team turned all the boxes into a dull grey and stripped the vibrant colors out of the symbols, making the entire interface look dull and lifeless. 

Missing Steve Jobs more than ever; he would have told Ive that this was ugly and he should try again...

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