Tuesday, July 09, 2013

If You Could Only Own One Dean Martin Album...

...My recommendation would be Dream with Dean, a little known and rarely remembered 1964 Dean Martin release on Reprise Records. Unlike most of Dino's better known albums, there is no orchestral bombast, no large chorus, no heavy production; instead, this is Dean Martin singing, accompanied by the subdued accompaniment of guitarist Barney Kessel, pianist Ken Lane, bassist Red Mitchell, and drummer Irv Cottler.

 I ran across this album quite by accident; until I heard it, I really didn't know there was another Dean Martin album I needed other than his Capitol and Reprise Greatest Hits packages. This is a soulful, subdued, and at times melancholy Dean Martin album, which is quite a change for the crooner best known for more upbeat numbers. He touches on a few standards, such as "Blue Moon" and "Smile," but the most memorable cut on this album is "Everybody Loves Somebody." No, it's not the hit version that everyone remembers; this is a very personal, almost intimate take of the song, and it became my "go-to" version as soon as I heard it.

Dean Martin may be an acquired taste, but I consider him one of the best male vocalists in mainstream pop music. If you've ever liked his voice, you're going to be glad you tried Dream With Dean.

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dino martin peters said...

Mr. Biggers, wonderful wonderful reflections of truly truly one of our most beloved Dino's classic al-b--ums. Never was, never will be anyone as cool as the King of Cool...oh, to return to the days when Dino walked the earth. Know that your prose is bein' shared this very day with all the pallies gathered 'round ilovedinomartin.