Monday, March 04, 2013

Three Out Of Three Ain't Bad...

There was an old saying making its rounds in the comic book industry that asserted that, in order to get work in the comics industry, you had to be talented, fast, or likeable--and that any two of the three would do just fine.

Apparently three of the three doesn't work, however.

Jerry Ordway is one of the most remarkable talents working in comics today; like Wally Wood, Jerry has the ability to improve anyone's pencil work simply by inking it. His visual storytelling is impeccable; his finished art is simply remarkable; and his writing is top-notch. And anyone who knows Jerry can tell you that you'd be hard-pressed to find a more likeable or reliable man working in comics--or any other field!

Jerry has worked in comics for a third of a century now... but he's having trouble getting regular work. He's not sure why, and neither am I.

Jerry talked a little about the situation at his blog, which you can read here--he describes the problem better than I do. It's a frustrating story, and a very disappointing one.

I see lots of great responses in the comments, including statements from some writers trying to convince Jerry to work with them on a Kickstarter project. I hope he does so; I know I'll commit money to such a project, and I hope that many of you who read comics will, too.

You're one of the best, Jerry. We're lucky to have you, and I want to enjoy your work for a long time to come...

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