Friday, August 10, 2012

Images of Yesterday

Here's one of my favorite photos of Susan and me; this was taken in 1972, I believe; the photographer was either mike weber or Steve Hughes (I wish I could say with certainty which it was, but I remember that both of them had Minox cameras, and both of them visited us at our tiny little three-room house in Cedartown at about the same time). The photo is grainy, shot at twilight in a room lit only by the fleeting natural light coming through the open front door and window, but none of that matters; there's something about this photo that will always convey the essence of everything I love about Susan and our marriage.

(And yes, I would be quite pleased if I still had the same hair after all these years; alas, the whole genetic thing about receding hairlines skipping a generation turned out to be erroneous, as anyone who remembers Dad's hairline can attest...)


Charles R. Rutledge said...

About a decade before I knew you, but a great shot of you and Susan for sure.

James A. Moore said...

A great shot indeed! Nice to sees slice of your history my friend.

Pam Jackson said...