Friday, August 13, 2010

Dreams and Portents

Ever had a dream strange enough that you found yourself wondering, after awakening, if there was some meaning buried in the surreal events?

Last night I dreamt that I went into my garage and found a strange car there. Even though I had never seen it before, I opened the door, got in the car, pulled the keys from my pocket, and began driving. I was soon on a roadway overshadowed by heavy, darkly leafed, overhanging trees. I drove seemingly for hours, then arrived at a hotel that appeared small and old, but actually had 14 floors of rooms... or more.

Without asking anyone where I should go, I got in the elevator and stopped on a floor located midway between 13 and 14.

Mom and Dad were there, as was my cousin Frank and other people who were in shadows. They told me that my cake wasn't ready, but Frank said that he was making french fries to hold us over. The fries were almost ready. We smiled at each other for a few moments, saying very little but glad to see one another; then he removed the fries and divided them for the two of us.

And I munched on fries and talked with Mom and Dad for a while, again quite pleased to see them again. We never talked about life or death, just about joy and sorrow. Again, they told me the cake was so very close to being ready, but not quite yet.

And then I awoke.


Pam said...

Usually I find that when I dream something its because something has taken place like a conversation or an event that made me thing of that person or that thing...then a few days later, I dream about it. Uncle Don and Aunt Dean must have been in your thoughts or you spoke about them earlier.

cliff said...

Oh, I speak and think of them both every day, and I frequently think of my cousin Frank as well. But it's actually relatively rare that I dream of them, and it's even rarer that I dream of them in a contemporaneous framework. Generally, if I do dream of them, it's a dream set in the past.

Jessica said...

I'm a firm believer that dreams are a gateway for the mind to be completely free, whereas some may wander into if they wish and let us get a get a small glimpse into a different world.
Of course I could be completely wrong, but my dreams never seem coincidental (as in something I thought about that day).