Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dream Drive

The first manufacturer who offers all of this in one vehicle, let me know and I'll sign the deal right away:

(1) Total vehicle length no more than 195 inches. at least 72" wide.

(2) 300+ HP, 6+ speed transmission, SH-AWD or equivalent, 25+ MPG.

(3) All-around camera view system, infrared night vision viewing on heads-up display, parking sensors, backup camera, collision mitigation system, driver alert system.

(4) NAV + traffic + weather.

(5) Fully adjustable driver and passenger seating (with both adjustable lumbar and thigh support), heated and cooled seats.

(6) Heated and cooled cupholders to keep beverages warm or cool (duh!).

(7) 5.1 surround sound system minimal, 7.1 preferred; 17 speakers or more; Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, MP3, AVI, DVD-A, SACD playback; front-seat viewing through NAV screen when in park.

(8) Pause and play radio for AM, FM, XM, HD Radio.

(9) Full iPod integration with voice control.

(10) Internet capability through 3G phone, complete with voice readout of emails.

(11) At least 100 cubic feet cargo capacity behind front seats.

(12) No more than 18" step-in height.

(13) Auto-closing doors and hatch.

(14) At least 3 12V and 3 115-120V AC outlets.

(15) Adjustable suspension.

(16) Self-healing paint.

(17) Automatic windshield wipers--and automatic headlights that turn themselves on not only when it gets dark, but when the windshield wipers go on as well! Most states require headlights to be on when windshield wipers are on, so let's link the two automatically, okay?

(18) Headlight washers/wipers.

(19) Adjustable headlights that turn into a curve.

(20) The ability to transfer files (MP3s, photos, etc.) to and from the car's internal hard drive.

Okay, that's the basics. Any auto makers out there ready to deliver? I'm ready to write the check!

1 comment:

Tredekka said...

I can understand wanting to stop at 20 items, but I'm a bit disappointed you didn't mention forward missiles and a button you can push that makes little caltrops fall out of the back. :)