Monday, April 13, 2009

Holding Her Own

Things aren't great with Anna, but she seems relatively stable right now. Dr. Lane had to give her subcutaneous fluids; afterwards, we took her home. Unfortunately, soon after we got home she lost control of her bowels, and the stool was disturbingly red, indicating blood. Dr. Lane had me bring her a stool sample immediately; she checked and felt that it was less worrisome than it appeared, since the blood seemed to come from the rectal area (probably caused by the irritation of the diarrhea) and not from the intestinal tract. The remainder of the stool was mucus that was probably loosened by the introduction of a lot of fluid into her system.

(Hope you're not reading this just before a meal or anything; I know it sounds almost as unappealing as a Papa John's pizza...)

No more problems since then, although Anna still isn't eating or acting normal. I guess "no decline" is about all we can hope for right now...

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