Monday, December 08, 2008

Counting the Days

My friend Trish is being deployed to Iraq tomorrow, and that makes me sad. I got to know Trish because she worked with Charles; she became a Wednesday night dinner regular, and I've become increasingly fond of her and appreciative of her company and her commentary. Trish is in the reserves, and is being deployed for an engineering job, so she won't be on the front lines and should be as safe as anyone is in Iraq--but I have selfish reasons for not wanting her to go. You hate to lose the company of friends for even a few weeks, so a six-month tour of duty is going to seem interminable.

I know that Trish will come back to us with hundreds of stories, and I look forward to hearing all of them. And I hope she's going to share some of those stories on her blog, so that we don't have to go Trish-less for six long months!

Until then, I'm counting the days, waiting for her return...

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