Sunday, November 02, 2008

Howard Stern, Social Experimenter

I rarely watch or listen to Howard Stern, but this bit is too insightful to pass up. If you think people are voting for Obama because they like his policies, then you really need to listen to this:


Art said...

That's great, and very revealing.

It's also revealing that Sarah Palin didn't seem to realize she was being pranked by a Canadian radio show.

Lanny said...

I've had prank calls before and I've usually done what Palin did. I let them talk and go on and get more and more ridiculous while offering glib responses. Since you never know who you might be dealing with in these situations, it's better just to let it run it's course on the off chance a caller who might otherwise wish to be anonymous, will actually reveal himself.

Once she knew who she was speaking with, she was done. I think she suspected a prank very early in the call.

I don't think this ranks with an electorate who doesn't even know what or who they are voting for.

Maybe there should be a short written test before being allowed to vote with an 80% correct score being the qualifier?