Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nothing to Get Hung About

I lead a remarkably pleasant life on many levels--I'm rarely forced to follow any sort of precise schedule, I have a great deal of freedom in regards to my store responsibilities and my Comic Shop News work, I have ample opportunity to exercise, I can do much of my work within the comfort of my own home, I rarely have to venture into traffic, and I genuinely like what I do.

Even so, there are periods when I have to deal with a certain restlessness. Every now and then, I wonder what it would be like to have every day to do as I please--to write what and when I wish, to paint again, to spend days rereading old favorites and discovering new ones, to organize the assorted accumulations that are the joy and the plague of everyone who collects.

I've been in one of those periods for the past couple of weeks. That's one reason why I haven't been posting as much; it sounds odd, but when I know that there are things I should be doing if I weren't putting them off, I feel almost guilty if I do something else (such as writing for fun)... so I end up doing absolutely nothing productive and squandering the time.

Recognizing the problem, I'm trying to get past it by forcing myself to do a little bit of productive work and a little bit of "fun stuff" every day. Apparently, even a life of semi-leisure requires some self-discipline...

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Bentochan said...

all the art kids on my trip are carrying around the five by seven kind of moleskines with no lines, and little tiny watercolor palettes. if you want to paint you should paint, cliff! ^_^ it's not like you don't do enough other responsible stuff! i've done two paintings here... both are pretty...bad? compared to my classmates, but i saw them painting and wanted to join in. one's just a red and purple color wash, the other is a very folk art TARDIS for one of the girls who likes Doctor Who, too.