Saturday, November 03, 2007

Feline Groovy

Today, we drove over to the Gwinnett Convention Center for the annual Cat Show. Oodles of kitties to be seen, of course, along with some cat-related products from a variety of vendors. We crossed paths with the woman who owned the only Siberians in the show today; they were stunning, of course. One of them looked just like our little Mischa, but it was the blue-coated Nikita (pictured here just as he began to look for a way to break free) who was the real attention-hog of the bunch.

This year's show was dominated by Maine Coon cats (so many cats of such diversity that I begin to wonder if this is a true breed after all), but there were a fair number of Havana Browns (including some striking mahogany-colored cats), a lot of Devon Rex, a variety of Scottish Folds, a lot of Persians, and a few Sphynx (sorry, but I'm not much of a fan of hairless cats). We were disappointed that there were no Bengals there at all; maybe next year (hey, Bobby and Trish--here's your chance to show off your kitties!).

The most amusing display was the "cat agility run," which was as funny as it sounds. The only real agility was demonstrated by the person who was trying in vain to convince these cats to run an obstacle course; the cats were not interested or amused.

We did see one lovely blue-cream Persian who looked so much like our dear, departed Tisha that I felt misty-eyed just looking at her. (I still expect to see Tish lying in the corner whenever I go down into the basement, and I look for her every morning when I let Anna and Mischa come upstairs from the basement; there's still an empty place in my heart because of her passing.)


Tredekka said...

Maine Coon Cats are a weird bunch...big padded snowshoes for feet, reptillian eyes...we had one named "Mutie" after the speciesist slur from Uncanny X-Men. They're the anti-Siamese in the sense that she made maybe fifty vocalizations in about seven years. Laconic but sweet.

Anonymous said...

my son erics roommate has a bengal cat. it is beautiful.......

Brett Brooks said...

Wow, I'm stunned that Allyson hasn't stopped by to leave an appropriate commentary. But, with that said, in her stead I will say: "KITTIES!!"

Next time this is coming up, let me know, I'm sure that Al would love to go see the kitties. :)demcuifr