Thursday, June 29, 2006

Psalm 137

I read earlier this evening the sorrowful news that 18-year-old Eliahu Asheri was found dead in Gaza; this civilian, a student, was kidnapped by Palestinian barbarians (a phrase I find more and more redundant, based on Palestine's continued adulation of barbaric and inhuman behavior and its unwillingness to act as a civilized nation) and apparently was murdered within hours of his seizure, in spite of Palestinian lies that he would be released if certain unreasonable demands were met.

Israel is moving troops into Gaza. At this point, I think that the world has been shown that Palestine is incapable of functioning as a legitimate national entity, and every withdrawal Israel has made thus far has been met with murderous hatred rather than efforts for peaceful coexistence. I applaud Israel for prompt action, and hope that they make Gaza, Rafah--and eventually all of the land held by the Palestinians--a permanent part of Israel.

Palestine was given a chance to show that it could function as a legitimate nation; they have proven that they lack the skills and the willingness to function as such, though, so it's time to withdraw the offer.

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