Friday, February 04, 2005

Ginger (no Mary Ann)

Current candy addiction: ginger Altoids.

The only store around here that consistently carries 'em is Cost Plus World Market, a strange amalgam of Pier One and Foreign Foods that features a lot of your standard European import food items, a few oddities... and the occasional "exclusive" like this.

If you like ginger, you'll like these. They're in a gold-accented Altoids tin, the candy itself is slightly yellow, and the flavor is strong and spicy with a bit of an afterburn... more afterburn than their cinnamon Altoids have, in fact.

Don't know why these aren't in mass distribution yet, but they should be.

Now I'm waiting for the Altoids folks to offer clove Altoids. Sounds like a flavor that should work, if you ask me!... I'll also confess that licourice (their spelling, not mine) altoids have been much more satisying than I anticipated they would be.

And Altoids remain fat free, of course!...