Monday, February 17, 2003

Didn't say anything about who I am, did I?

the "cliffbig" in my blog ID is short for cliff biggers... that's me. When I first signed up for AOL many, many years ago, screen names were limited to eight characters, so I took the first eight letters of my name. Since then, I've been cliffbig at oodles of other places, so I've consistently used that screen name as a monicker for iPurposes.

I'm currently editor and co-publisher of Comic Shop News, the largest-circulation pubication about comics in the hobby field. I'm also owner of Dr. No's, a comic shop in Marietta, GA, which has been home town for me for over a quarter century now (really? wow!).

I'm a former high school teacher, a wretchedly bad guitar player, a music fan (particular passions--the Beatles, CSNY, Donovan), a collector/packrat with an interest in books, comics, & music, an aficionado of Apple Computers (and a real MacAddict). Politically, I tend towards libertarian views, but I'm not a part of the libertarian party per se.

Okay, that's a start

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